Bread Moulders

Commercial Bread Moulders suitable for Bread Making, Bakery & Patisserie Use. The Dough Moulder Equipment is perfect for Shaping Dough into Different Shapes Like Loaf, Baguette, Croissant, Buns, etc, for Sale at the Best Price in UK

Bread Moulders


Domino Bread Moulder - Two Cylinder ROLL 26 Our Commercial Dough Moulding are suitable for small and large bakeries, restaurants, patisserie and pastry-shop use. Our Rounder Machines, also known as Moulders are perfect for processing pastry, bread, and bakery produce at commercial, industrial and heavy-duty operation. Video Technical SpecificationsGENERAL INFORMATIONWHEN DIVIDED INTO DIFFERENT FORMS DEPENDING ON THE PRODUCTS TO MAKE, DOUGH IS SUBJECTED TO “MOULDING” BY MEANS OF WHICH THE BREAD TAKES FORM BEFORE PASSING TO THE SUBSEQUENT PROOFING AND FINAL BAKING STAGES.Domino ROLL moulding machines come in 2 versions: a painted steel model and another stainless-steel version. Both guarantee high performance while considering value for money. Both ROLL versions feature stainless steel retractable and removable trays to guarantee easy machine cleaning. The Roll moulding machine can be supplied with the addition of a pressing table (mod. FL) built into the machine, or a table with independent motor (mod. PRESS) to obtain loaves 60 cm long. The new ROLL moulding machine version comes with a no waste system. The supply is completed with short pile wool belts and heavy-duty wheels. A reliable tool created based on the requirements of baking professionals who need solid and long-lasting machines.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: - PAINTED STEEL Mod. ROLL 26:- 2 cylinders of 600 mm- Base, head and side guards of painted steel- Guard of inox steel grid- Trays of inox steel, removable and retractable- Handles with 22-position levers for adjustment of cylinders/belts- Anti-reject device as standard equipment- It can be combined with complementary pressing table mod. FL or independent pressing table mod. ROLL PRESS: - Voltage: 400V/three-phase/50 Hz ..


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