Which Commercial Pizza Oven is Best?

Which Commercial Pizza Oven is Best?


Buying the right Pizza Oven for a restaurant or pizzeria could be quite a challenging process. There are many things to be considered such as:

What size should is Best, What to Buy? Single Deck, Double Deck, Triple Deck

Capacity Based?

Electric, Gas or Woodfired?

What about a conveyor pizza oven?

Which is the best, what brand should I buy?

Where to buy it from?


These are only a few thoughts when looking for the best Pizza oven for your specific requirements.

First of all, there are thousands of pizza oven manufacturers, producing a multitude of pizza ovens and targeting different needs based on the location, customer capacity & average production.

As it is the case with any other industry, the best place to start is by going straight to the basics and start with manufacturing origins, in this case Italy. After all, the Italians have invented pizza.

Now that is clear that we are looking for an Italian Pizza Oven, let’s have a look at the different types of ovens

Deck Pizza Ovens

Most of the Deck Pizza Ovens could come in two versions: Gas or Electric. Once decided which one is the best, the only question remaining would be the capacity. The best thing about most of our deck pizza ovens is that they are entirely customisable.

We can offer either Single Deck, Double Deck, Triple Deck, a multitude of decks to suit every pizza cooking requirements. Just imagine a Twenty Deck Pizza Oven…. a little bit unrealistic, but we can still do it!

How many decks would I need?  Well, depending on your pizza requirements, a single deck pizza oven take in from 4 pizzas per cooking cycle, up to 9 pizzas, depending on the oven dimensions

As it is the case with the Single Deck Pizza Oven the Twin Deck also knows as Double Deck Pizza Oven could produce the same capacity per deck, doubled, and with the Triple Deck Tripled. Most of the Deck Pizza Ovens are Modular, each chamber functioning independently from each other. This allows the Pizzaiolo, which is how Italians call the Pizza Chef, to control the temperature and bake more pizzas in one go, shortening the serving time for busy restaurants & pizzerias.

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Conveyor Pizza Ovens

The conveyor pizza ovens are usually used in Pizza Take Away, Busy Restaurants and Pizzerias. The Conveyor Ovens allows for faster and even baking of pizza on a belt that slowly moves the pizza through the heated chamber at a constant speed.

Whether you are making pizza, bread, or pastry products the ConveyorPizza Oven is perfect for any baking needs. The Oven allows baking large quantity of produce without the risk of burning it. It is a perfect addition to any establishment, being extremely cost efficient in terms of training, electricity & time.


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Traditional Pizza Ovens

The Traditional Pizza Ovens, are the old style Italian Ovens, that have been around for centuries.

Because we are living in more modern times, there is no need to gather around the fire for a cooked meal, when we can easily and safely take the fire inside! With our Brick Pizza Ovens also known as Clay Ovens or Wood Fired Pizza Ovens you can offer you customers the best authentic Italian pizza taste!

More than that, we have gathered the best commercial pizza ovens offering the best pizza cooked in one our Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Traditional Gas Pizza Oven and the Dual Fuel Wood & Gas Pizza Oven.

Our Pizza ovens are made from refractory material that last forever. Unlike the ordinary Brick or Clay Pizza Ovens, they do no need any periodical luting or repairs. They last a lifetime, and the close distance between the fire and the pizza gives an authentic amazing flavour and colour!

They run at very high temperatures and can bake from 60 and up to 270 pizzas per hour, depending on the model.

Our Wood Fired, Gas and Dual Fuel Pizza Ovens come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on the model with complete illumination and ventilation and rotating base allowing easier access to the oven floor.

They are perfect for any size of restaurant and pizzeria, and with the many models and versions you can benefit your business with authentic flavours!

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The End

To follow up on our earlier concerns, we hope that is has become clearer now for what each oven is suitable for. We have concluded that the Italian Pizza Ovens are the best choice for offering an Italian product to our customers, as for where to buy it, obviously from Cool Expert! We offer the Best Prices in the UK with Free Delivery!


Until later, shop now!
Cool Expert Team