Brera: Wine Library | Wine Display

Technology for cold experts


The passion for wine dates back centuries and today, more than ever, it can be expressed at its best. Connoisseurs know how important it is to serve wine at the right temperature; the Brera product range is dedicated to them.

This line of products includes a series of safe, great quality, high-performing wine display units, designed with such attention to detail that they

become an accessory to the furnishings. But they are not simple wine coolers: Wine Library and Wine Display are high- design, elegant and customisable showcases, created to give to your wine the maximum visibility and keep it at the perfect temperature.

When you choose Wine Library or Wine Display from the Brera range you give your bottles of wine a place of honour in a bright unit designed with great attention to detail, where thanks to an all-glass door they can be admired while adding an elegant and inviting ambience to the room.

Wine Library and Wine Display in the Brera range are the effective solution for the needs and requirements of restaurants, hotels and all those spaces in which wine needs to be kept at the perfect temperature without renouncing to the style.

These wine display units are the ideal choice to draw attention to your finest bottles: customisable, modular and boasting an elegant steel structure designed with the utmost attention to details, thanks to the interior LED lighting system, they attract everyone’s attention and highlight your wine collection making it even more inviting.

In addition to giving bottles the relevance they deserve and complementing the space around them with their elegant structure, Brera refrigerators are equipped with the best technology that allows you to set two different temperatures, ensuring that different types of wines are kept and served at exactly the right temperature.  

Our range of commercial wine storage cabinets and displays are perfect for restaurants, hotels and hospitality business. We offer standard or customisable refrigerated wine cabinets and chillers suitable for every customer.