Which Display Fridges and Serve Over Counters to Buy?

Which Display Fridges and Serve Over Counters to Buy?

The serve over counters also know by many other names such as commercial display fridges or refrigerated display counters are the perfect solution for displaying food produce while at the same time keeping in line with the hygiene standards and product quality.

Depending on everyone’s requirements and design preference, there are various options available based on the shape, dimensions & quality. From a design point of view, they could come with either flat straight glass or curved glass. 

The shape of the glass depends very much on the product to be displayed. In the case of Cake Display Fridges, some prefer straight glass as the cakes will be seen from the front of the display, while in the deli & meat industry the curved glass allows customers to observe the product from above. 

Based on everyone’s needs there are several types of commercial display fridges

Meat Display Fridges

The Meat Display Fridges are perfect for Butchers & Fresh Meat Display in different establishments such as retail’s, butcheries or catering facilities. The most important features in meat presentation is the refrigeration temperature, which is usually between 0-2 Celsius, allowing meat to preserve its quality & taste, but at the same time keeping in line with the health & safety regulations.

Moreover, for Butchers Display Fridges the ventilated refrigeration is preferred, allowing for the temperature to be maintain at the same level all over the display surface. 

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Cake Display Fridges & Patisserie Serve Over Counters

To what It concerns the Cakes, Dessert & Patisserie Produce, the Refrigerated Display Counters should have a temperature ranging from 3-10 Celsius, and depending on the produce, the recommended temperature for cakes & pastries is between 4-6 C.

Regarding the refrigeration, in this case it is preferred to take into consideration the size of the shop & sales. In a busy shop, where large quantities of stock are required to meet the daily demand, the ventilated refrigeration will allow for the temperature to be maintained at the same level inside the Patisserie Display Counter.

At the same time, in Cafés & Bistros where the cake selection is smaller and doesn’t require huge quantities of produces to meet the customer’s needs, the static ventilation will allow for the desserts to be maintained at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

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Deli Display Fridges & Serve Overs

Deli & General Use Display Counters are perfect for displaying a large variety of produce including Pre-Packed Sandwiches, Fresh Vegetables, Cured Meats, Cheese etc. The Deli Serve Over temperature should average between 4-6 C with static ventilation, which will preserve the produce at the highest standards through the day. However, if decided to present different types of produce in the same fridge it is very important to make sure that all health & safety procedures are being followed and the produce is separated with dividing walls.

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As already pointed above buying a commercial display fridge depends very much on the produce presented. Also, as it is the case with any other industry there are hundreds of manufacturers on the market selling products of different price ranges & quality

What makes the biggest difference between these manufacturers is the quality of the product & different features that improve the appearance & preservation of the product. 

If a business is required to showcase its products and make them appealing to its consumers, it is very important to make sure that the produce is displayed & maintained by taking into consideration all the relevant elements.

Size & Capacity

Based on your shop requirement, it is very important to know how much produce is required to be displayed daily. Also, it is very important to be aware of the shop/layout and consider different size related aspects.

Luckily, there are many versions available, and here at Cool Expert we offer Standard Size Serve Over Counters starting from 1 m length as well as Bespoke Display Fridges that allows customisation according to everyone’s needs. Also, you also need to take into consideration the depth of the counter, with some of the Slim Serve Over Counters starting from 60 cm, depending on the produce displayed & space available.


Beside the importance of the refrigeration type & temperature other elements should be considered, such as:

Remote or Built in Unit 

Refrigerant type

Multiplexable or not?

Internal Illumination

Internal & External Finishing (Stainless Steel or Colour Painted) 

Extra Shelving

Electrical Consumption

Defrost & Condensation

Moreover, some Premium Display Fridges have Adjustable ventilation which allow to control the air flow inside the fridge. On top of this other version allow for the humidity levels to be control, as certain products required to be kept at different humidity, such as Chocolates and certain sweets or pastries.

If you require more information and guidance in choosing the right display fridge for your business, please don’t hesitate to Contact us at info@cool-expert.co.uk or 0800 772 0071.

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