Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven DK Mosaic

Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven DK Mosaic



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DK Mosaic

                                                                                                                        With our ovens, you can bake all types of pizza!


A wide range of commercial pizza ovens and equipment. Our products include Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. Not only that we have some of the most competitive prices in the Uk but our Professional Pizza Ovens are also of the highest quality, suitable for Commercial, Heavy Duty and Industrial Use making it the perfect addition to any restaurant and pizzeria. 

Our pizza ovens are entirely customisable to address the needs of different settings and offer the most authentic pizza taste, and Italian flavours that only a true Italian Pizza Oven can!

The ovens of series D are of domical type and are assigned for baking of pizzas. The close distance between the fire and the pizzas gives them a superb colour and authentic flavour.

 They are made of vibrated refraction material with high percent of two-aluminium-three-oxide (Al 2O3), which guarantees high wearing out resistance and sturdiness. It is built of large monolithic segments and periodical luting is not needed, as it is with the ovens made of bricks. Practically this chamber is eternal and does not demand any maintenance.

The domical shape of the baking chamber guarantees an even baking at low wood consumption. Insulation materials with low coefficient of heat conductivity have been used. The considerable thickness of insulation helps to achieve maximum economy. All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility.

The oven comes in 4 (sizes) to address everyone’s needs, with different volume/capacity based on 12”/30Cm Diameter Pizzas.





 Fire wood



4 pizzas

60 pizzas p/h


3-4 Kg/h


7 pizzas

105 pizzas p/h


4-5 Kg/h


10 pizzas

150 pizzas p/h


5-6 Kg/h


13 pizzas

195 pizzas p/h


6-7 Kg/h

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