Criocabin Etoile Fish Custom Made Display

Criocabin Etoile Fish Custom Made Display


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Criocabin Custom Made Display Etoile

Commercial Refrigerated Fresh Fish Display Counter & Fish Serve Over Displays with Glass for Seafood & Fish Displaying in Retail Store, Fishmonger, Restaurant. Criocabin Etoile Chilled Display Serveover Counters are for Sale at the Best Price in UK

Was it a new squared glass display, necessary? And first of all is there any creative space for new display concepts? Only if we keep faith to our fundamental principles. With these goals Etoile was born



Superstructure with front uprights with upward-opening square glass.

Upward-opening 36 cm glass top surface.

Extra-clear glass

Back panel in stainless steel sheet.

Single compartment paper holder.

Ventilated refrigeration.

Anti-fogging frontal ventilation.

Potentiometer for fans.

Inner finishing in stainless steel sheet.

Front frame in aluminium with polished finish.

Personalized front panel.

Evaporator handled with cataphoresis.

CRIOLED® lighting.

Lounge version with glass extended on the front frame.


Spherical corners 90°-45° internal and



Angular corners; on demand any corner

degree is possible.


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