Ice Cream Display Freezers. A guide to Café’ and Gelateria Ice Cream Displaying

Ice Cream Display Freezers. A guide to Café and Gelateria Ice Cream Displaying

What could it be more exciting than a selection of ice cream flavours to choose from? Either in the hot summer days, or simply after dinner Ice Cream Parlours and Gelateria’s are bringing the childhood magic back.

With a large variety available nowadays from healthier Frozen Yogurt to Dairy Free & Low Sugar Sorbets, Gluten Free Fruity Ice Creams and Creamy Gelato, there is a perfect Scoop available for everyone!

However, before tasting the actual ice cream, the most important element affecting our ice cream choices is the visual beauty to which the produce is presented to us. The way in which the ice cream is laid out, to the high-quality standards to which is kept.

Perfect for Café’s, Restaurants or Ice Cream Shops the Ice Cream Display Freezers allows the display of melting goodness to the delight of everyone. Therefore, choosing the best ice cream freezer could be crucial for any business.

There are several types of Ice Cream Display Freezers, all designed to serve even the most exigent needs, all depending on the location, climate, available space and budget. 

Serve Over Ice Cream Display Freezers

For a Gelateria, Restaurant Café and Ice Cream Parlours which serve Scooped Ice Cream the most popular way to present the produce is in Serve Over Counter. They allow for the customers to face the products, while at the same type keeping allowing the highest standards in terms of food safety.

The Ice Cream is separated from the clientele by the front glass, with the access  usually allowed through the back. Some premium model have front access, but this is  only for cleaning and layout purposes

Glass Door Ice Cream Freezers

Moreover, there are also self-service Glass Door Ice Cream Freezers available for restaurants and ice cream shops, but these are recommended for pre-packed Ice Cream.

The Upright Ice Cream Freezers Display Cabinets are perfect for storing and displaying of Packed and Tub Ice Cream while allowing customers to help themselves. Moreover, some of the premium models feature glass walls all around allowing for a better visualisation of the produce.



The Ice Cream Display Freezers need to have a freezing temperature between -18 and -24 in order to accommodate all types of frozen produce: Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Ice Cream & Sorbets.

Moreover, some models feature fan assisted cooling which uses air flow to maintain the same temperature across the display area. This allows for the temperature to be controlled at a faster rate than static versions



When it comes to the size, while the upright displays size is variable on the manufacturer, with the serve over is usually related to the capacity of the pans required.

Standard Ice Cream Display Freezers have a capacity between 7 and 24 ice cream pans of different litre capacity, however the bespoke models allow to personalise and customise the display area to please everyone’s requirements. As for the exterior dimensions, these are pretty much related to the premises plan and available space.


Design and Specifications

The design is purely based on everyone’s preferences. For the Serve Over Display Freezers, there are two options available: Curved or Straight Glass. Based on each premises and interior design, you can choose which type serves you better.

Moreover, certain elements suggested by the Quality of the Display such as a Double Evaporator Ventilated Refrigeration, Heated Double Glass which prevents freezing and condensation, tubular lightning, insulation, Automatic Defrost.


Price & Make

The price is directly proportional on the quality of the Ice Cream Display Freezer. As it is the case with most sectors, this varies in accordance with the Specifications, Make, Size & Shape.

With so many Ice Cream Display Manufacturer available nowadays, our experience has taught us that the Italian Made Freezers are among the top in terms of quality, design and price. Italians haven’t invented ice cream, but they surely know how to make it!


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