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Traditional Gas Pizza Oven with Rotating Base GRK Mosaic

Traditional Style Pizza Oven GR Series with Rotating Base - GRK Mosaic  (GR85K, GR110K, GR130K)The oven comes in 3 (sizes) to address everyone’s needs, with different volume/capacity based on 12”/30Cm Diameter Pizzas. ModelCapacityPizza/CycleOutputPizza/HWeightKgGPL ConsumptionNatural Gas ConsumptionGR85K5 75 12501.7 Kg/h3.0 mc/hGR110K8 120 14001.9 Kg/h3.3 mc/hGR130K11 165 19002.0 Kg/h3.5 mc/h  Rotating Based speed is Adjustable and Can be ReversedAvailable with Ecological Burner on either LPG or Natural Gas Burner & recirculating fan.Made of large monolithic segments of vibrated refraction material with high percent of two-aluminium-three-oxide (Al 2O3), which guarantees high wearing out resistance and sturdiness.The domical shape of the baking chamber and insulation guarantees an even baking at low gas consumption.The fan maintains the optimum temperature of the oven floor and prevents it from getting cold even at very intensive work. The used gas re circulation /thermal cycle helps achieving an extraordinary energy consumption. Digitally controlled temperature and the burner power can be modified by using the Electronic Modulator in the range of 5-100%.Electrical supply - 230 V/50-60 HzAll elements are placed in a metal case which allows the oven to be easily moved. The Oven comes in different colour patterns. Please select the one required!On request, other colours are available.The oven requires a Gas pressure of:  NG - 30-37mbar.  LPG - 20mbar. Dimensions..



GGF G4 Gas Pizza Oven 4x12" Pizza Capacity

GGF G4 Gas Pizza Oven 4x12" Pizza CapacityItalian Pizza OvenHigh Quality GGF Italian Gas Pizza Oven w/ a Single Deck, & a capacity of 4 Pizzas, suitable for Take Away, Pizzeria and Restaurant Use.The oven size is based on a capacity of 12''/30 cm pizzaTechnical Specifications Features:Stainless SteelDigital Thermostat Refractory Stone Cooking SurfaceSpecifications:Capacity: 4 x 12" pizzasOne DeckPower (kCal/h): 11.954Gas Consumption:Methane  (m3/h): 1470GPL (Kg/h): 1087Voltage (V/Hz): 230 / 50 (1)Dimensions ext: 1000mm W x 840mm D x 470mm HDimensions int: 620mm W x 620mm D x 155mm HWeight: 115 kgTemperature: ranging from: 50 - 500 °C1 Years Manufacturer Warranty, 10 Years After Care  All models can be supplied with a stand at extra cost. Please contact our office for more details.Email Us: info@cool-expert.co.ukPhone us: 0800 772 0071..



Pira 70 Lux Black Charcoal Oven

Pira Charcoal Oven 70 Lux BlackThe Oven Comes with Warranty, Free Delivery & 10 Years After Sales Care!Pira 70 LUX Black charcoal oven is a commercial charcoal over of high quality. Based on its performance, Pira is one of the most economical charcoal oven on the market, due to its revolutionising Piracold Cooling System allowing to save up to 75% compared to other charcoal ovens, and maintaining its temperature for hours, with an outside structure temperature of 70°C when reaches the maximum 350°C inside.The Oven can cook up to 60 kg of meat, fish or vegetables per hour, necessitating only 5kg of charcoal for a 2-3 hour cycle and reaching temperatures as high 350°C giving a much fasting cooking process compared to traditional char grills.It doesn't require either gas or electrical supply, an can be fitted in any place in the professional kitchen with the advantages of a classic barbecue. It features multi level cooking and a high temperature glass allowing to control the cooking process.The oven can be connected to the Kitchen's ventilation extractor hood or ducted outside the location if the location allows it.Video Dimensions 670(H) x 700(W) x 535(D)mmCooking area 585 x 465 (5 shelf positions)Weight 122 kgProductivity/Hour - 60kgCast iron steel interior Piracold Cooling SystemHinged glass door resistant up to 750ºCFully insulated ThermometerInternal Air flow control and Firebreak – prevents fire exiting the oven and going into the extract canopy. These devices can be supplied as well in external version.Can be used with all kinds of charcoal; Coconut charcoal, mineral charcoal etcAir flow entrance control and smokes exit controlAsh and Grease Collection Trays4 adjustable legs.1 stainless steel grid 585 x 465, 1 x meat tongs + 1 x poker.Grooved grill 515 x 470 could be used,  allowing to cook without fearing of burning the food with direct flame and fireFor any other information please get in touch with our sales officeEmail Us: info@cool-expert.co.ukPhone us: 0800 772 0071..



Sunmix 67L Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer

Sunmix 67L Heavy Duty Spiral Dough MixerOur range of heavy duty spiral mixers is suitable for bakery, confectionery, patisserie, pastry shop, and large production use.  The commercial and industrial dough mixers come in different sizes of different bowl capacities making it a baker's best equipment for mixing either small or large quantities dough and batches: 67 litres, 81 litres, 131 litres, 160 litres, 190 litres, 266 litres, 306 litre, 370 litres and 410 litres bowl capacitySunmix’s manufacturing experience on this type of machinery, combined with their high competence and ability in the mechanical sector, has led to a series of high quality products, with a high level of functionality.  With over 40 years’ experience in the bread-making machinery sector they produce top ranges of spiral mixers. Their High-Quality Products are their results of continuous research and enhancement, sustained by MADE IN ITALY and utmost care professionalism which guarantees an excellent quality-price ratio. Technical Sheet  Video Features:• 50 kg/67l Capacity• Transmission with referral on the spiral, ideal for mixtures with more than 55% moisture• Bowl with large radius, perfect for baking.• Belt transmission.• 2 motors, 2 speeds with automatic change, 2 digital timers and reversible bowl.• Spiral arm speed 200/100 rpm, bowl speed 14 rpm.• Bowl, spiral, and the central column in stainless steel for higher strength..



Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven DK Mosaic

WOOD-BURNING OVENS FOR PIZZAS (Series D) DK Mosaic                                                                                                                        With our ovens, you can bake all types of pizza!                                                                                                                 A wide range of commercial pizza ovens and equipment. Our products include Commercial Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. Not only that we have some of the most competitive prices in the Uk but our Professional Pizza Ovens are also of the highest quality, suitable for Commercial, Heavy Duty and Industrial Use making it the perfect addition to any restaurant and pizzeria. Our pizza ovens are entirely customisable to address the needs of different settings and offer the most authentic pizza taste, and Italian flavours that only a true Italian Pizza Oven can!Technical Specifications Product Features: • The baking chamber is dome shaped, allowing even baking & economical use of wood to be achieved. • The wood burns in the chamber of the oven thus giving the pizzas a specific aroma. • The close distance of the burning wood gives each pizza a golden brown colour once cooked. • The heavy duty chamber is manufactured using refractory materials with a very high percentage of Aluminium Oxide (A12O3), which makes it extremely strong & wear resistant. • The considerable thickness of insulation helps to achieve maximum economy. • All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility. The oven comes in 4 (sizes) to address everyone’s needs, with different volume/capacity based on 12”/30 cm Ø Pizzas.       Model    Volume/Capacity       Output        Weight Fire woodConsumptionD100K4 pizzas60 pizzas p/h1300Kg3-4 Kg/hD120K7 pizzas105 pizzas p/h1500Kg4-5 Kg/hD140K10 pizzas150 pizzas p/h1900Kg5-6 Kg/hD160K13 pizzas195 pizzas p/h2300Kg6-7 Kg/h..



Twin Tech Domino 45L Twin Arm Dough Mixer

Domino Twin-Tech 45L Twin Arm Dough MixerOur range of commercial double arm dough mixers is suitable for bakery, confectionery, patisserie and pastry shop use. The heavy duty and industrial twin arm dough mixers come in different sizes of different bowl capacities with either removable/detachable or fixed bowl making it a baker's best equipment for mixing dough and batches.Technical Specifications  TWINTECH is a patented double-arm mixer, featuring a number of significant innovations in comparison to traditional mixers. Firstly, it guarantees greater efficiency and is more environmentally-friendly because there is no oil required on the gears. In fact TWINTECH features techno-polymer gears that do not require oil, offering advantages in terms of service life and silent operation. TWINTECH performs 40 strokes/minute in the first speed and 60 strokes/minute in the second speed. The standard features of all double-arm mixers produced by Domino include timer for speed control, AR guard, self-braking motor and elements moving on ball bearings. The four TWINTECH mixer models are, also equipped with stainless steel arms, and with models 40-50-60 one arm is height adjustable to make it easier to remove the dough from the bowl. Various colours are available to complete the care we put into the design of this double-arm mixer, a crucial tool in bakeries, confectioner’s and pizzerias that love to combine function with aesthetic appeal.specifications:+ Structure of painted steel mounted on wheels + Bowl guard of transparent AR and steel + Fixed bowl of inox steel + Mixing arms of inox steel and upper part of cast-iron; one arm adjustable in height for TWINTECH 40-50-60 + Fixed arms of inox steel for TWINTECH 30 + Gears of Technopolymer (no oil) for TWINTECH + Two-speed breakmotor + Standard nr of beats/minute: 40 with 1st speed, 60 with 2nd speed + Control panel and electric system on side stand for TWINTECH + Two timers as standard equipment for TWINTECH  + Standard voltage: 400/3 ph/50 Hz + Optional: variable speed with inverter..



Zoin Kristall Patisserie Display

KRISTALL Patisserie and Cake Display Commercial Refrigerated Displays: Serve Over Counter Displays suitable for bakeries, pastry shops, super stores, and restaurants. If you are looking for top quality Pastry Display Cabinet which will add more value to your establishment? Cool Expert offers an extensive range of pastry display counters to choose from.  Our Zoin Kristall patisserie display fridges are the ultimate combination of style and functionality and are ideal for displaying pastry and bakery products as well as confectionery, artisan and classic pies. The counters are top of the range and we pride ourselves with our competitive price on our dessert and cake display case, in the UK.Please Get in touch for Special Dimensions, Colour and Customisation. Technical Specification It is suitable for the display of soft drinks, sandwiches, packed salads, cold dishes and pastry products.Thanks to its double glazing glass structure, it gives maximum visibility to the displayed products.Comes with double glazing glass.It is equipped with: three refrigerated glass shelves lower display surface in AISI 304 stainless steel LED lighting in the sides (the hot version is without lighting) side panels in metal sheet with insulation automatic defrost and evaporation of the defrost water through 2 evaporating pans. 22 available colours to choose (see documentation) It is available with refrigerating built-in unit or without unit...



Zoin Multideck Display Fridge Breeze

Zoin Multideck Display Fridge Breeze  Our range of commercial multideck displays and multi deck counters are designed for displaying refrigerated produce for bakeries, patisserie, fishmongers, delis, butchers, cake, ice cream, retails and more. The multi deck fridges and open chillers come in different sizes and styles perfect for keeping produce cold and ready to be served.Please Get in touch for Special Dimensions, Colour and Customisation.Technical Specifications  BREEZE is a refrigerated wall cabinet for self service sale ideal for displaying pre-packaged dairy products, sausages, fruit and vegetables, soft drinks. This model has 4 inclinable shelves in stainless steel AISI 304 with a depth of 34 cm. and equipped with price-holder. The wall-cabinet is also equipped with lighting only on the top, automatic defrosting and an electric evaporation of the defrost water. Perforated back wall in stainless steel 304. It is available with inside condensing unit or without condensing unit. It is not multiplexable...



Zoin Porthos Ventilated Food Display Counter

                                                                                                                              Zoin Food Display  Counter Porthos Lenght 200cmCommercial refrigerated serve over meat cases and pastry displays and counters, designed for cold meat and patisserie produce presentation in different food industries including butcher's , deli, pastry and more. The commercial serveover fridge display counters are fully customisable to please everyone's requests.Technical Specifications Refrigerated cabinet optimal for medium size shops.L=200cmSpecifications:Temperature range : 0º|+4º CWorking plate in 304 stainless steel. Display surface made of stainless steel AISI 304. Aluminium glass frame, flat glasses opening upwards, LED lighting only on the top. Control panel with digital thermostat and defrost at intervalsThermoformed side panels in ABS. Plastic pan for the collection of defrost water to be emptied manually.Ventilated refrigeration with Potentiometer for the fansEquipped with plexiglass rear sliding doors and cataphoresis coated evaporator.Refrigerated under storage  ..



Dual Fuel Wood & Gas Rotating Pizza Oven MIX85RK Mosaic

Traditional Style Dual Fuel Wood-Gas Pizza Oven (Mix-R) MIX85RK MosaicWith Rotating BaseThe oven comes in 1 (size) with a volume/capacity based on 12”/30Cm Diameter Pizzas.  ModelVolume/Capacity       Output  WeightGPL ConsumptionNatural Gas Consumption Firewood ConsumptionMIX85R5 pizzas75 pizzas p/h 950Kg1.7 Kg/h 3.0 mc/h 3-4 Kg/h Technical Specifications Double front doors - Wood chamber & cooking chamber.Wood combustion chamber separated from the baking surface & drawer to collect ashes from the burning wood.Features a rotating cooking base, giving a more uniformed performance, higher productivity & better working conditions are achieved as pizza peel with a shorter handle is used.Rotation speed can be gradually increased & rotation direction can be reversed.The baking chamber is dome shaped, allowing even baking & economical use of wood.The wood burns in the chamber of the oven thus giving the pizzas a specific aroma.The close distance of the burning wood gives each pizza a golden brown colour once cooked.Heating up of the chamber uses an ecological burner with the use of NATURAL GAS or LPG.Easily control the temperature of the cooking chamber by a digital controller.The dome shaped chamber is manufactured using refractory materials with a very high percentage of Aluminium Oxide (A12O3), which makes it extremely strong & wear resistant.The considerable thickness of insulation helps in achieving maximum energy efficiency.All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility. The Wood Fired Oven comes in different colour patterns. Please select the one required!On request, other colours are available.The oven requires a Gas pressure of: NG - 30-37mbar. LPG - 20mbar.  Dimensions..



Dry Aging Cabinet Double Glass Door

Dry Aging Cabinet Double Glass DoorDry Aging Fridge and Cabinet Displays also known as dry age and maturing cabinets displays, suitable for maturing different cuts of meat and cheeses. Perfect for steak dry ageing, perfect for steak house, restaurant and commercial kitchen.Catologue  Features• construction completely in stainless steel AISI 304• inside with rounded corners and moulded bottom• removable internal dripping basin in stainless steel• 75 mm insulation by environment-friendly water-expanded polyurethane• easily removable slideway supports• air-cooled refrigerating unit•"Basic" version with electronic control panel with alphanumeric LCDdisplay• "Advanced" version with Capacitive Touch Screen 7" display• 20 pre-set programs with 6 programmable phases available• internal working temperature from +2° to +25°C• active humidity control from 40% to 95%• temperature alarm management and dirty condenser alarm• seasoning and storage up to 200 kg of products (mod. 1502)• working ambient temperature max +38°C• environment-friendly R404a refrigerating gas• condensate water collection with extractable drip tray• internal light• key-lock• self closing doors with easily replaceable magnetic gaskets• adjustable in height (130-185 mm) stainless steel feetEquipment:Version S (Salami): 3 pairs of slideways with 9 rods and 36 hooksVersion CF (Meat and cheese): 5 pairs of slideways with 5 plastic-coated wireshelves.Package with pallet and cardboard includedL 1500 x P 815+131 x H 2100 mmL 1610 x P 1051 x H 2240 mm (Packed)Refrigeration Power*922 WattAbsorption 2240 WattCapacity 200kg meatWeight N / G  250/262 kg..



GGF Gas C6S Rotisserie Oven 24 - 30  Chickens Capacity

GGF Gas C6S Rotisserie Oven 24 - 30  Chickens CapacityHigh Quality GGF C6S Italian Gas Rotisserie Oven perfect for Take Away, Shop and Restaurant Use.Specifications:Capacity: 24 - 30 ChickensPower (kCal/h): 36Gas Consumption:Methane  (m3/h): 3.72GPL (Kg/h): 2.82Voltage (V/Hz): 230/170Dimensions ext: 1100 mm W x 480 mm D x 1750 mm HWeight: 144 kg1 Years Manufacturer Warranty, 10 Years After CareAll models can be supplied with a stand at extra cost. Please contact our office for more details.Email Us: info@cool-expert.co.ukPhone us: 0800 772 0071..



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