Zoin Fenice Meat and Deli Display

Zoin Fenice Meat and Deli Display


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Fenice Meat and Deli Display

Zoin Fenice commercial refrigerated serve over meat cases and deli displays and counters, are designed for cold meat and delicatessen produce presentation in different food industries including butcher''s , delis, delicatessen and more. The commercial serveover display counters are fully customisable to please everyone's requests.

Technical Specifications

FENICE: That differs from all the other counters due to its innovative design.

Its main feature are the tempered cylindrical glasses with a completely new opening concept.

The glasses slide along rails in both directions.

In this way FENICE offers different possibilities of use in one single counter, becoming suitable for the various needs of the seller, in fact it can be used both for the traditional sale through operator and for the self-service sale and these two different kinds of sale can coexist in the same counter.

Fenice is available in the following versions:
– static with storage
– ventilated with storage

Working plate and display surface in stainless steel 304.

Aluminium glass frame, cylindrical tempered glasses sliding along rails.

Control panel with digital controller and defrost at intervals, plastic pan for the collection of defrost water to be emptied manually.

  • Material ABS, Glass, Granite, Tempered Glass, Plastic Coated Finish, Stainless Steel
  • Refrigerant R404a
  • Temperature Range 4°C to 6°C
  • Voltage 230V/50Hz/1 Phase
  • Ambient intermediate & top shelves: optional
  • Internal Depth 600mm/ 665mm
  • Curved tempered front glass, bottom-hinged for ease of cleaning
  • Front and side glass with top lighting enhances product visibility creating an attractive panoramic display
  • Digital controller and Automatic defrost timer for ease of use (supplied with defrost water collection pan to be emptied manually)
  • Supplied with defrost water collection plastic pan (to be emptied manually)
  • Refrigerated lower storage
  • Available also for meat version(0°-2°C

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