Pira 70 Lux Black Charcoal Oven

Pira 70 Lux Black Charcoal Oven



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Pira Charcoal Oven 70 Lux Black

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Pira 70 LUX Black charcoal oven is a commercial charcoal over of high quality. Based on its performance, Pira is one of the most economical charcoal oven on the market, due to its revolutionising Piracold Cooling System allowing to save up to 75% compared to other charcoal ovens, and maintaining its temperature for hours, with an outside structure temperature of 70°C when reaches the maximum 350°C inside.

The Oven can cook up to 60 kg of meat, fish or vegetables per hour, necessitating only 5kg of charcoal for a 2-3 hour cycle and reaching temperatures as high 350°C giving a much fasting cooking process compared to traditional char grills.

It doesn't require either gas or electrical supply, an can be fitted in any place in the professional kitchen with the advantages of a classic barbecue. It features multi level cooking and a high temperature glass allowing to control the cooking process.

The oven can be connected to the Kitchen's ventilation extractor hood or ducted outside the location if the location allows it.


  • Dimensions 670(H) x 700(W) x 535(D)mm
  • Cooking area 585 x 465 (5 shelf positions)
  • Weight 122 kg
  • Productivity/Hour - 60kg
  • Cast iron steel interior 
  • Piracold Cooling System
  • Hinged glass door resistant up to 750ºC
  • Fully insulated 
  • Thermometer
  • Internal Air flow control and Firebreak – prevents fire exiting the oven and going into the extract canopy. These devices can be supplied as well in external version.
  • Can be used with all kinds of charcoal; Coconut charcoal, mineral charcoal etc
  • Air flow entrance control and smokes exit control
  • Ash and Grease Collection Trays
  • 4 adjustable legs.
  • 1 stainless steel grid 585 x 465, 1 x meat tongs + 1 x poker.

Grooved grill 515 x 470 could be used,  allowing to cook without fearing of burning the food with direct flame and fire

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