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Dry Aging Walk-In Fridges | Cold Rooms

Our range of commercial refrigeration includes Lo Stagionatore dry age & maturing cabinets displays and cold rooms, suitable for maturing different cuts of meat and cheeses.

Perfect for steak dry ageing, and with their beautiful design can be easily integrated in every restaurant, steak house and commercial kitchen.


Dry Aging Cold Room L 130 cm Dry Aging Cold Room L 130 cm
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Model: SMI1315AC inox/black
Dry-Aging Walk-In Fridge Lo Stagionatore 130x150x236 h The Everlasting dry-aging cold rooms are specifically developed for meat professionals and for dry-aging meat process. It is the ideal choice for business activities that deal with high quantity of products such as big butcher shops, restaurants and meat processing industries.The germicide UVC lamp, mounted as standard equipment, and the constant control of temperature, humidity and ventilation guarantee the perfect and safe dry-..
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