Meat & Delicatessen Displays

Commercial meat fridges with single or double glass door. Choose the best Upright Glass Door Display & Refrigeration Equipment for cheese and delicatessen display.

Meat & Delicatessen Displays


                                                                                    Upright Meat And Delicatessen Display w/ double doorThe Silfer brand, produces top-quality commercial refrigeration equipment for butcher's, patisseries, gelato, chocolate artisans and shops specialized in gastronomy and wines. Our clients are involved in a range of industries, but share the common pursuit of perfecting their business environment in order to give greater value to their craft.Technical SpecificationsCSM 900 G/RLC/CLCHARACTERISTICS+4°+8° C70%2 x 1700 lm230 V - 50 Double doorMODELLAYOUTVOLUME ltSHELVESNET DIMENSIONS mm - kgGROSS DIMENSIONS mm - kgCOMPRESSORCSM 900 G/RLC/CL848hook./ 2 +1 wood shelves (627x449) / casket1380 x 620 x 1860 - 2681410 x 650 x 2030 - 295540 + 540 Watt..


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