Meat & Delicatessen Displays

Commercial meat fridges with single or double glass door. Choose the best Upright Glass Door Display & Refrigeration Equipment for cheese and delicatessen display.

Meat & Delicatessen Displays


                                                                           EDB, LET'S MEAT !                                       Refrigerated display cabinet for “Dry Aged beef” maturation process.              EDB, A CONCENTRATE OF TECHNOLOGY TO OBTAIN THE BEST HANGING.              Through the delicate process of maturation called “Dry-Aging” you get a product with a unique taste and excellent organoleptic qualities.BrochureCharacteristics:R290: Eco-friendly and Energy-efficientDimensions: height, width, depth, which can be produced Taylor made upon request of the customer. (optional)Ventilated refrigeration.“KVP” electronic valve for evaporator pressure control.Inside of the cabinet in stainless steel AISI 316, suitable for saline environments.Double glazed doors and magnetic closure.CRIOLED ® Lighting.Refrigeration unit (upon request).Not multiplexableGlazed perimetral glasses with black serigraphy..


                                                                                    Upright Meat And Delicatessen Display w/ double doorThe Silfer brand, produces top-quality commercial refrigeration equipment for butcher's, patisseries, gelato, chocolate artisans and shops specialized in gastronomy and wines. Our clients are involved in a range of industries, but share the common pursuit of perfecting their business environment in order to give greater value to their craft.Technical SpecificationsCSM 900 G/RLC/CLCHARACTERISTICS+4°+8° C70%2 x 1700 lm230 V - 50 Double doorMODELLAYOUTVOLUME ltSHELVESNET DIMENSIONS mm - kgGROSS DIMENSIONS mm - kgCOMPRESSORCSM 900 G/RLC/CL848hook./ 2 +1 wood shelves (627x449) / casket1380 x 620 x 1860 - 2681410 x 650 x 2030 - 295540 + 540 Watt..


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