Dual Fuel Wood & Gas Rotating Pizza Oven MIX85RK Mosaic

Dual Fuel Wood & Gas Rotating Pizza Oven MIX85RK Mosaic



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Traditional Style Dual Fuel Wood-Gas Pizza Oven (Mix-R) MIX85RK Mosaic

With Rotating Base

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The oven comes in 1 (size) with a volume/capacity based on 12”/30Cm Diameter Pizzas.





GPL Consumption

Natural Gas Consumption

 Firewood Consumption


5 pizzas

75 pizzas p/h


1.7 Kg/h

 3.0 mc/h

 3-4 Kg/h


  • Double front doors - Wood chamber & cooking chamber.
  • Wood combustion chamber separated from the baking surface & drawer to collect ashes from the burning wood.
  • Features a rotating cooking base, giving a more uniformed performance, higher productivity & better working conditions are achieved as pizza peel with a shorter handle is used.
  • Rotation speed can be gradually increased & rotation direction can be reversed.
  • The baking chamber is dome shaped, allowing even baking & economical use of wood.
  • The wood burns in the chamber of the oven thus giving the pizzas a specific aroma.
  • The close distance of the burning wood gives each pizza a golden brown colour once cooked.
  • Heating up of the chamber uses an ecological burner with the use of NATURAL GAS or LPG.
  • Easily control the temperature of the cooking chamber by a digital controller.
  • The dome shaped chamber is manufactured using refractory materials with a very high percentage of Aluminium Oxide (A12O3), which makes it extremely strong & wear resistant.
  • The considerable thickness of insulation helps in achieving maximum energy efficiency.
  • All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility. 

The Wood Fired Oven comes in different colour patterns. Please select the one required!

On request, other colours are available.

The oven requires a Gas pressure of: 
NG - 30-37mbar. 
LPG - 20mbar. 



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