Dual Fuel Wood & Gas Rotating Pizza Oven MIX85RK Mosaic

Dual Fuel Wood & Gas Rotating Pizza Oven MIX85RK Mosaic



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Traditional Style Mix Wood-Gas Pizza Oven (Mix-R) MIX85RK Mosaic

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A wide range of commercial  mix gas and wood fired pizza ovens ideal for heavy duty use. Our professional ovens are the perfect pizza equipment for restaurants and pizzerias.

The Mix-R model is a mix wood-gas pizza oven featuring a rotating cooking base, which returns an increased performance, higher productivity & better working conditions facilitating the use of a shorter pizza peel. The rotation speed can be gradually increased and can be reversed as well.

The oven features a double front door, a wood combustion chamber that is separated from the baking surface, and a drawer the collect ashes from the burning wood.

It is made of vibrated refraction material with high percent of two-aluminium-three-oxide (Al 2O3), which guarantees high wearing out resistance and sturdiness. It is built of large monolithic segments and periodical luting is not needed, as it is with the ovens made of bricks. Practically this chamber is eternal and does not demand any maintenance.

The domical shape of the baking chamber guarantees an even baking at low gas consumption. Insulation materials with low coefficient of heat conductivity have been used. The considerable thickness of insulation helps to achieve maximum economy. All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility.

Heating up of the chamber uses an ecological burner, which works with NATURAL GAS or LPG and a recirculating fan. The fan maintains the optimum temperature of the oven floor and prevents it from getting cold even at very intensive work. The used gas recirculation /thermal cycle helps achieving an extraordinary energy consumption. The temperature is digitally controlled and the burner power can be modified by using the Electronic Modulator in the range of 5-100%.

Electrical supply - 230 V/50-60 Hz

All elements are placed in a metal case which allows the oven to be easily moved.

The Wood Fired Oven comes in different colour patterns. Please select the one required!

On request, other colours are available.

Technical Specifications 

 The oven comes in 1 (size) with a volume/capacity based on 12”/30Cm Diameter Pizzas.





GPL Consumption

Natural Gas Consumption

 Firewood Consumption


5 pizzas

75 pizzas p/h


1.7 Kg/h

 3.0 mc/h

 3-4 Kg/h


The oven requires a Gas pressure of: 
NG - 30-37mbar. 
LPG - 20mbar. 



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