Gemm Blast Chiller 34-22kg Shock Freezer 10 Trays Basic

Gemm Blast Chiller 34-22kg Shock Freezer 10 Trays Basic


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Gemm Blast Chiller 34-22kg Shock Freezer 10 Trays Basic

The BASIC range of blast freezers are the ideal appliance for chefs, pastry chefs and ice cream makers who need reliability and simplicity. They are fitted with a simplified electronic control panel, intuitive and user-friendly, which allows chilling cycles to be set extremely rapidly. Chilling can be selected by time or according to a probe inserted in the core of the product. A wide range of products, from small countertop freezers with capacity for three GN 2/3 trays to the spacious freezer with capacity for fifteen GN 1/1 or 40x60 cm trays.


Blast chiller / Shock freezer for no. 10 GN 1/1 or 60×40 cm trays
Yield: +90 / +3°C = Kg 34 ● +90 / -18°C = Kg 22
Internal /external construction made of stainless steel AISI 304
Tropicalised system
Automatic defrosting system with pause
Simplified electronic control board
Hard/Soft chilling and freezing by time or by probe

Technical informations

Dimensions80x78x170h cm
Trays capacity (trays pitch mm 67)10 GN 1/1 or 10 EN (60x40)
Supply withtrays structure
Working cycleby time, by probe
Max absorbed power2010 W
Refrigerated power1547 W
Input voltageVolt 1x230/50Hz

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