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Gemm 3 Door Refrigerated Bakery Counter

Gemm 3 Door Refrigerated Bakery Counter
Gemm 3 Door Refrigerated Bakery Counter
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Gemm 3 Door Refrigerated Bakery Counter
Gemm 3 Door Refrigerated Bakery Counter
Gemm 3 Door Refrigerated Bakery Counter
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  • Brand: Gemm
  • Model: TAP 21

Gemm Pastry Counter 3 Doors 

Our Bakery and Patisserie & Pastry Refrigeration Equipment is the top choice in dough conditioning with an extensive range of cabinet, counter and modular storage, dough fridges and counters.

Designed for the bakeries our cabinets and counters have been engineered to offer practical means for storing and chilling batches for desserts and pastry produce, while offering working space on the top surface, at the best price in the UK. The fridge counters come in different versions with two doors, three doors, and four doors and are also perfect for professional kitchens, hotels and busy restaurants.



The refrigerated and freezer counters “LABOR” series are planned for cm 60×40 trays and created for pastry and bakery laboratories.
Built entirely in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, the counters have rounded corners to facilitate, cleaning and ensure maximum hygiene. The innovative static/helped cooling system, called as “HSS”, guarantees a perfectly uniform temperature in the cell, a good level of relative humidity,
and low consumption. “LABOR” tables are equipped with digital thermostat, electrical defrosting and device for automatic elimination of condensate water.

Available with incorporated condensing unit or prearranged for remote condensing unit with thermostatic valve fitting, versions normal and low temperature.
The stainless steel work tops, normal or with 100 mm rear riser, are reinforced and made with 15/10 sheet metal, with rounded edge on the service side.

Every door is supplied with n. 7 pairs of runners, pitch 75 mm.     



Normal Temperature
no. 3 doors
Condensing unit on the right side
“HSS” cooling system
Digital control
Designed to operate in 43°C ambient environments
Automatic defrosting system
Automatic elimination of condensate water

Technical information

External Dimensions


Supply with

7 pair of guides for 60x40 trays each door


540 lt

Refrigerated power

320 W

Max absorbed power

318 W


-2/+8 °C



Input voltage

Volt 1x230/50Hz

Available accessories

  • Rilsan shelf 60x40cm
  • Pair of guides
  • Stainless steel 60x40x2h tray
  • Stainless steel 60x40x3h tray
  • Set of castors Ø 125mm
  • Self-locking wheels Ø 125mm
  • 60Hz Volt


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