Staff Ice BFE600 Vertical Batch Freezer w/ Automatic Extraction

Staff Ice BFE600 Vertical Batch Freezer w/ Automatic Extraction


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Staff Ice Vertical Batch Freezer BFE 600  w/ Automatic Extraction

"Time Control"

Electromechanical Inverter

The ice cream machines by Staff Ice System let your creativity express in its best way, allow you to make what before wasn’t even possible to imagine! You can cook a huge range of recipes: gelato/ice-creams, semifreddo, cakes, slush/granita, custard cream, pate à choux, jellies, marmalades, jams, yoghurt, panna cotta, mousse, marshmallows, nappage, fresh cheese, béchamel sauce, rice for pastry, risotto, polenta, sauces, Bolognese sauce, they express the concept of a great genuineness and craftsmanship, by valuing the organoleptic features of all preparations.

Technical Specifications

Specifications :

- Micromagnetic device for stopping the mixer before opening the cover.

- Double cover for adding ingredients while the mixer is working.

- Vertical tank allows you to check state of mixing throughout the entire production cycle.

- All parts in contacts with the mix or ice-cream are in stainless steel and in nontoxic material; all are easily accessible and removable for cleaning.

- Agitator with three speeds: to batch also small quantities of mix with an always optimal structure and make the extraction and cleaning operations easier.

- Inverter with acceleration ramp for the agitator to protect the transmission from any mechanical stress.

- Direct transmission with gear boxes lubricated for life.

- Tank’s non-slip carpet

- Tank defrosting switch to make every agitator’s restart easier

- Possibility to activate the freezing cycle even during the extraction

- Available with air, water, mixed and remote cooling system.

Features :

- Front control panel with reference switches and icons

- Shelf for any type of container, adjustable height and depth. 

- HACCP:  Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points

- All parts in contact with the mix or the ice-cream are in stainless steel and in non-toxic material; all of them are easily accessible and removable for cleaning

- Hand shower (optional)

-Magnetic and removable ice-cream slide 

-Air Cooled or Water Cooled or Air&Water Cooled(optional)



WxDxH mm








BFE 1000A


2-7 lt/cycle

  60 lt






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