Zoin Kristall Patisserie Display

Zoin Kristall Patisserie Display



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KRISTALL Patisserie and Cake Display


Commercial Refrigerated Displays: Serve Over Counter Displays suitable for bakeries, pastry shops, super stores, and restaurants. If you are looking for top quality Pastry Display Cabinet which will add more value to your establishment? Cool Expert offers an extensive range of pastry display counters to choose from. 

Our Zoin Kristall patisserie display fridges are the ultimate combination of style and functionality and are ideal for displaying pastry and bakery products as well as confectionery, artisan and classic pies. The counters are top of the range and we pride ourselves with our competitive price on our dessert and cake display case, in the UK.

Please Get in touch for Special Dimensions, Colour and Customisation.

 Technical Specification 

It is suitable for the display of soft drinks, sandwiches, packed salads, cold dishes and pastry products.Thanks to its double glazing glass structure, it gives maximum visibility to the displayed products.

Comes with double glazing glass.

It is equipped with:

  • three refrigerated glass shelves
  • lower display surface in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • LED lighting in the sides (the hot version is without lighting)
  • side panels in metal sheet with insulation
  • automatic defrost and evaporation of the defrost water through 2 evaporating pans.
  • 22 available colours to choose (see documentation)

It is available with refrigerating built-in unit or without unit.

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