Sagi Chocolate Display Cabinet Luxor Slim KC6Q

Sagi Chocolate Display Cabinet Luxor Slim KC6Q


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Sagi Chocolate Display Cabinet Luxor Slim KC6Q

About the Company

SAGI Spa has been a leader in the field of professional refrigeration equipment for over 30 years. The company designs, manufactures and markets refrigerators, refrigerated counters, blast chiller/freezers, refrigerated pizza tables, refrigerated display units, and much more.

Sagi Spa part of Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies, the US holding company Berkshire Hathaway Inc, and operates worldwide.

The Sagi Spa Upright Pastry Displays are suitable for cafe's, patisserie & pastry shop,  bakeries, chocolatiers, confectionery and retails. If you are looking for top quality Pastry Display Cabinet which will add more value to your establishment, Cool Expert offers an extensive range of pastry display counters to choose from. 

Our patisserie display fridges are the ultimate combination of style and functionality and are ideal for displaying pastry and bakery products as well as confectionery, artisan and classic pies. The counters are top of the range and we pride ourselves with our competitive price on our dessert and cake display case, in the UK



With its meticulous attention to detail, exclusive features, and design developed in collaboration with MASSIMOMUSSAPI®, the Luxor is the upright refrigerated display unit that everyone has been waiting for. Boasting an elegant, innovative, and fully-adaptable design, this cutting-edge unit is entirely unique, and ranks at the top of its category.

The decisive and elegant contours are an expression of the personality and charm that have rendered the Luxor upright refrigerated display unit ideal for bars, confectioner's shops, ice cream parlour, and restaurants, and perfect for anyone who wants to engage and stimulate their clientele.


Essential design, suitable for any environment.

Thanks to their essential contours, harmonious proportions, and neutral colours and lighting, the Luxor models represent a true revolution in the field of upright refrigerated display units.

The essential design features a display compartment made entirely from grey tempered glass, and a smudge-proof steel lower structure that masterfully hides the wheels, thus giving the Luxor models a sleek and lightweight feel.

Combined with the innovative shelf support system and “invisible” integrated handle, the structure's dimensions drastically increase the display space and optimise visibility on every level. The LED lighting creates a luminous and inviting ambience.


HIGH-QUALITY DISPLAY: Luxury and functionality
Luxor's range of refrigerated display units are designed to meet every display requirement. Ideal for bars, confectioner's shops, ice cream parlours, and restaurants, as well as any other consumer environment outside the home.

The various models of professional refrigerators are designed to offer maximum reliability and performance for every kind of product on display.

The shelf positioning, the door–stop system, and the HACCP control panel represent maximum expressions of quality and functionality, all of which are meticulously designed, for a refrigerated display unit of the latest generation.


EXTRA VALUE: To increase sales

With its different sizes and colours, Luxor has the magic ability to multiply the value of displayed goods, with the aim of increasing sales. Customers are carried away with temptations offered by elegant, bright displays that stimulate their desire to indulge in pleasurable, special, tasty treats.


With Luxor, dreams become reality!



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