Tecnoinox Tap EFP20T Steam Combi Oven 16x60x40

Tecnoinox Tap EFP20T Steam Combi Oven 16x60x40


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Tecnoinox Tap Steam Convection Oven EFP20T 


TAP®: designed for the needs of small and large bakeries

Our range of Commercial Bakery Ovens is suitable for bakery, confectionery, patisserie and pastry shop use. The heavy duty professional Tap-Combi Ovens also known as Combi Steamers or Combination Ovens are the baker's favourite equipment. Tap Oven from Tecnoinox with is one of the best combination steam oven, perfect for baking in the professional kitchen and bakeries at the best prices in the UK




TAP® offers automation, cooking standardisation, a recipe collection ready for use: the certainty and consistency of results in every cooking process makes TAP® a reliable working tool in laboratories where work is delegated to qualified staff.

However, TAP® is also an intelligent and customised technology that recalls the previously used cooking programs, favourite recipes and guarantees the pastry a maximum control over the cooking process, also giving the possibility to edit the parameters associated with pre-set recipes in a few quick steps.

The MY TAP® area is a place in which the pastry can freely create his own customised TAP® organising favourite contents in folders.

Without forgetting the possibility to manually configure the cooking programs at every stage, leaving space for creativity.


Cooking with a probe

Precision has never been so simple / TAP® is equipped with a multipoint probe that detects the temperature of the product during the cooking process in 5 different points along the probe, reducing to minimum the possibility of errors. The multipoint probe is housed inside the cooking chamber, without external connectors: the use is thus easier, and the probe is always at hand.

Available as an accessory, the needle probe for vacuum cooking is housed in the convenient Utility Box located under the oven door.


Cook and chill

The perfect organisation of the working cycle in the laboratory / Used together with the blast freezer, TAP® is an exceptional tool for streamlining and organising the work in the laboratory, not only for banqueting services serving large quantities of product that must be prepared in advance, but also for à la carte dessert service with the quality of express cooking techniques and the guarantee of timely service. The waste of unsold fresh product is minimised.


Cooking uniformity

Perfect cooking from the first tray to the last / The high-efficiency TAP® fans, the inversion of the direction of rotation of the fans, and the particular shape of the deflector create uniform ventilation whether for a single tray - regardless of where the product is positioned - or between multiple trays, from the highest to the lowest. TAP® offers a choice of 6 fan speeds, plus 6 intermittent speeds to best cook any product, from the lightest and most delicate dessert to those that require more intense air flow and higher temperatures.


The many advantages of quality steam
The use of steam when baking or cooking in an oven revolutionises the quality of the product and introduces particularly effective cooking techniques. The steam accelerates cooking times, allows to cook at low temperatures and keeps the products tender, preserving the cooking liquids along with the corresponding nutritional properties.

Low and high temperature steam
steam is not all equal: TAP
® ® is able to produce steam not only at 100°C, but even at low respecting the needs of products that require delicate cooking, such as soft desserts. Moreover, TAP® can work with steam at a cooking chamber temperature of up to 130°C.

Equipped with (60X40) tray rack trolley. GN1/1 tray rack trolley can be used.

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