Forni Fiorini Electric Deck Oven

Forni Fiorini Electric Deck Oven


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Forni Fiorini Electric Deck Oven

Our range of Commercial Deck Ovens is suitable for bakery, confectionery, patisserie and pastry shop use. The heavy duty professional electric deck ovens also known as bread oven are the baker's favourite equipment, either diesel or gas powered are perfect for baking in the professional kitchen, also at the best prices in the UK


Thanks to excellent baking quality, production flexibility, simple use and installation, our electric ovens meet perfectly the new demand from the bakery and confectionery business.

  • Each chamber is fully independent from the others.
  • Electronic digital controller with:
    - economizer
    - automatic oven starting;
    - ceiling and floor temperature control with double thermostat and double probe;
    - independent control for steam heating element;
    - buzzer for cooking end;
    - 9 cooking programs available.
  • Stainless steel front section; lateral and back covering made of galvanized precoated sheet panels.
  • Independent steam injection for each deck thanks to high performance steamers. 
  • Independent steam exhausting valve in each chamber.
  • High thermal insulating.
  • Baking surface made of refractory material



  • Baking chamber with useful height of cm 23 or 28.
  • External stainless-steel panels.

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