Dominioni Electric Pasta Machine - Italia MIni

Dominioni Electric Pasta Machine - Italia MIni


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Commercial Electric Pasta Machine Dominioni Italia Mini

A wide range of pizza equipment including commercial pasta makers and machines. Commercial Electric Pasta Machine Dominioni Italia MIni is the perfect professional equipment for any type of restaurants and pizzerias, including industrial production



Drawing upon its long-standing experience, Dominioni Group created Italia Mini, the new patented table-top multifunction machine for making fresh pasta, ideal for restaurants, hotels, cafes, self-service cafeterias and holiday farmhouses.
This machine is designed for the automatic production of long- and short-cut pasta, filled pasta and potato dumplings by means of special snap-on extra accessories.
Stand table-top machine in painted stainless steel, available in four colours plus stainless.

Thanks to the special patented mixer “turbomix”, the dough processing time can be shortened (10 minutes, vs. the usual 15 minutes), while maintaining the typical homogeneous texture of artisanal products.

400 types of bronze or Teflon die – cut noodles or small-size pasta can be created thanks to this accessory.

Automatic Double-Sheet Ravioli Maker Italia Mini model

italia_mini_raviolatrice-part1italia_mini_raviolatrice-part2Thanks to this patented application, double dough-sheet ravioli of different sizes can be obtained. It can also work with very soft fillings; the dough sheet thickness and the filling quantity are adjustable.


italia_mini_sfogliatrice-part1italia_mini_sfogliatrice-part2Thanks to this patented application, by installing the kneading/dough sheeting accessory, you can change from extrusion to lamination to obtain excellent pasta sheets. Rough or smooth texture can be chosen.

The accessory can also be set to produce tagliatelle and/or several noodle sizes, with adjustable thickness. Max. sheet width mm. 100


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