Sunmix 306L Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer

Sunmix 306L Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer


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  • Brand: Sunmix
  • Product Code: SUN200CL
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Sunmix 306L Heavy Duty Spiral Dough Mixer 

Our range of heavy duty spiral mixers is suitable for bakery, confectionery, patisserie, pastry shop, and large production use.  The commercial and industrial dough mixers come in different sizes of different bowl capacities making it a baker's best equipment for mixing either small or large quantities dough and batches: 67 litres, 81 litres, 131 litres, 160 litres, 190 litres, 266 litres, 306 litre, 370 litres and 410 litres bowl capacity

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