Twin Tech Domino 67L Twin Arm Dough Mixer

Twin Tech Domino 67L Twin Arm Dough Mixer


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Domino Twin-Tech 67L Twin Arm Dough Mixer

Our range of commercial double arm dough mixers is suitable for bakery, confectionery, patisserie and pastry shop use. The heavy duty and industrial twin arm dough mixers come in different sizes of different bowl capacities with either removable/detachable or fixed bowl making it a baker's best equipment for mixing dough and batches.

Technical Specifications 

TWINTECH is a patented double-arm mixer, featuring a number of significant innovations in comparison to traditional mixers.

Firstly, it guarantees greater efficiency and is more environmentally-friendly because there is no oil required on the gears.

In fact TWINTECH features techno-polymer gears that do not require oil, offering advantages in terms of service life and silent operation.

TWINTECH performs 40 strokes/minute in the first speed and 60 strokes/minute in the second speed.

The standard features of all double-arm mixers produced by Domino include timer for speed control, AR guard, self-braking motor and elements moving on ball bearings.

The four TWINTECH mixer models are, also equipped with stainless steel arms, and with models 40-50-60 one arm is height adjustable to make it easier to remove the dough from the bowl.

Various colours are available to complete the care we put into the design of this double-arm mixer, a crucial tool in bakeries, confectioner’s and pizzerias that love to combine function with aesthetic appeal.



+ Structure of painted steel mounted on wheels

 + Bowl guard of transparent AR and steel

 + Fixed bowl of inox steel

+ Mixing arms of inox steel and upper part of cast-iron; one arm adjustable in height for TWINTECH 40-50-60

+ Gears of Technopolymer (no oil) for TWINTECH

 + Two-speed breakmotor

+ Standard nr of beats/minute: 40 with 1st speed, 60 with 2nd speed

 + Control panel and electric system on side stand for TWINTECH

+ Two timers as standard equipment for TWINTECH

 + Standard voltage: 400/3 ph/50 Hz + Optional: variable speed with inverter

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