Italforni Bull BL Triple Deck Electric Pizza Oven

Italforni Bull BL Triple Deck Electric Pizza Oven


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Italforni Bull Electric Pizza Oven

Triple Deck Oven

 Available in 4 sizes, “XL” – “L” – “M” – “S”


A wide range of Commercial Pizza Ovens and Equipment. Our products include Commercial Gas Pizza Ovens, Electric Pizza Ovens at the most competitive prices in the UK. Also our Professional Pizza Ovens are also of the highest quality suitable for Commercial, Heavy Duty and Industrial Use, making it the perfect addition to any restaurant and pizzeria. 

Italforni Bull Electric Pizza Oven is entirely customisable to address the needs of different setting and over the most authentic pizza taste, and Italian flavours that only a true Italian Pizza Oven can!

Technical Specifications 



The Bull Oven is assembled in highly resistant steel and covered with coloured, tempered glass, resistant to impact and high temperatures. With a great aesthetic effect, Bull has been designed to enhance its strong and rigorous lines.

Composed of 1, 2, 3 cooking chambers to be combined with a support or prover cell, and to a suction / filtering hood. Available in 4 sizes, “XL” – “L” – “M” – “S” to adapt to any need for space and cooking capacity.
BULL has uncommon technical characteristics. The cooking chamber is entirely made of refractory material, with “hy•pe” type armored heating elements inserted in the high resistance refractory of the baking plate and the ceiling.

The user interface is presented as a single tempered glass surface composed of a customized display.

The new control board is made up of a series of digital controls designed to manage the oven and prover cell, with function icons and touch keys. Possibility to insert the “steamer” on each cooking chamber. On the motorised extractor hood it is possible to combine a vapours and odours reduction kit complete with activated carbon filter.


“XL” – 12 pizza/30cm “L” – 8 pizza/30cm “M” –9 pizza/30cm “S”-6 pizza/30cm

 Lighting Lighting : The chambers are lit internally with high resistance and high light capacity halogen lamps.

Doors Doors : The counter-balanced front doors improve the opening and closing.

Glass Glass : Door with tempered double-glazed glass window.

Steam Exhaust Steam Exhaust : Adjustable steam exhaust valve.

Coating Coating : Entirely coated with colored tempered glass.

Cooking Chambers Cooking Chambers : The BULL ovens have cooking chambers with independent electronic temperature regulation for baking floor and ceiling. They can easily be controlled and set by the operator and they guarantee excellent cooking results of any sort of food.

Oven Support Oven Support  Optional: The oven support is equipped with tray racks and practical wheels with brake.

Leavening Cell Leavening Cell Optional : The large prover is hermetically closed with internal light and practical wheels with brake.

External Temperature External Temperature : Thanks to the excellent insulation, the external temperature of the oven is constantly at 30°, in order to guarantee maximum safety during working hours.

TOUCH Control Board TOUCH Control Board : The new TOUCH control board consists of a series of digital controllers designed to manage both the oven and the prover through function icons and touch-sensitive buttons. The user interface is a single tempered glass surface, with a customised display that stands out especially for its design and user friendliness.

Thermal Insulation Thermal Insulation : Thermal insulation guaranteed by the best materials available on the market and by over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high temperature ovens.

Extractor Hood Extractor Hood Optional : A steam and odour suppression kit with active carbon filter can be fit on the motorised extractor hood, which allows the exhaust pipe not to be used.

Refractory Refractory : The BULL cooking chamber is fully coated with refractory material, with high performing and resisting baking floor and ceiling integrating the “hy·pe” armoured heating elements.

450°C 450°C : Maximum cooking temperature 450 °C.

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