Zoin Multideck Display Fridge Breeze

Zoin Multideck Display Fridge Breeze



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Zoin Multideck Display Fridge Breeze

Our range of commercial multideck displays and multi deck counters are designed for displaying refrigerated produce for bakeries, patisserie, fishmongers, delis, butchers, cake, ice cream, retails and more. The multi deck fridges and open chillers come in different sizes and styles perfect for keeping produce cold and ready to be served.

Please Get in touch for Special Dimensions, Colour and Customisation.

BREEZE is a refrigerated wall cabinet for self service sale ideal for displaying pre-packaged dairy products, sausages, fruit and vegetables, soft drinks.

This model has 4 inclinable shelves in stainless steel AISI 304 with a depth of 34 cm. and equipped with price-holder.

The wall-cabinet is also equipped with lighting only on the top, automatic defrosting and an electric evaporation of the defrost water.

Perforated back wall in stainless steel 304.

It is available with inside condensing unit or without condensing unit. It is not multiplexable.

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