Gemm 1 Door Upright FridgeGN2/1

Gemm 1 Door Upright FridgeGN2/1


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Gemm 1 Door Upright FridgeGN2/1

Essentiality and reliability are the key words that come to mind in describing the refrigerated cabinets in the “SPACE” range. The one-piece structure features stainless steel on the inside and outside with 60 mm thick insulating core (80 mm on Roll-in cabinets) made by injecting HCFCfree high-density polyurethane resins.
The cabinet interior is rounded at the bottom for easy cleaning, the feet and rack support structure are made in stainless steel, while the door is fit ed with an easily replaceable slot-in magnetic seal.
The space inside the cabinet can be fully exploited thanks to the one-piece construction and the tropicalised refrigeration system featuring a powerful low-noise compressor.
Refrigeration is fan-assisted and controlled by back panel control board with an electric auto-defrost feature as well as automatic evaporation of condensation.


Normal Temperature
no. 1 door, 60 mm thickness insulation, ventilated cooling system, digital control, designed to operate in 43°C ambient environments, automatic defrosting system, automatic elimination of condensate water

Technical informations

External Dimensions72x79x205h cm
Capacity700 lt
Supply with3 GN2/1 Shelves
Max absorbed power350 W
Refrigerated power477 W
Temperature-2/+8 °C
Input voltageVolt 1x230 / 50 Hz

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