Zoin Saigon Fish Serve Over Display Counter

Zoin Saigon Fish Serve Over Display Counter


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Zoin Saigon Fish Serve Over Display Counter

Our commercial refrigeration range of fish display counters includes serve over fish counters and low glass fish displays, and serve overs suitable for fishmongers, supermarkets and retails. The display counters are perfect for displaying a variety of fresh fish and seafood

Technical Details 

The Display counter is produced in AISI 316 stainless steel for the display of fish and sea food with working top made of granite.

Static refrigeration with copper coil foamed in the basin bottom, with display surface with deck plates.

With built-in refrigerating unit. Equipped with mechanic thermostat.
It is available with curved glass or with self-service glass. Plastic pan for the collection of defrost water to be emptied manually.

*optional plexiglass closing/glass divider

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