Forni Fiorini Commercial Rotating Rack Oven 'Rotor FR'

Forni Fiorini Commercial Rotating Rack Oven 'Rotor FR'


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Forni Fiorini Bakery Rotating Rack Oven 'Rotor FR'


Our range of Commercial Bakery Ovens is suitable for bakeries, confectionery, patisserie and pastry shops. The heavy duty professional Rack Ovens also known as Rotary or Rotating Oven are the baker's favourite equipment, and perfect for baking in the professional kitchen.

The ROTOR FR oven differences from the other ovens is its heat exchanger located in the front. This allows the oven the possibility to have free surfaces of support on 3 sides facilitating therefore the positioning also in laboratories with narrow spaces.

Our oven has been designed according to innovative technological solutions: heat exchanger and air circulation system guarantee maximum economy during function, significant energy savings and optimal baking conditions for bakery and confectionery products.

  • Face, internal and external panels in stainless steel.
  • External panels in st. steel
  • Heat exchanger in refractory stainless steel for gas or diesel models. For the electrical model, heat is generated by stainless steel covered resistances.
  • High performance steamer ensures correct quantity of steam even during continuous baking cycles.
  • Hood with stainless steel steam exhauster.
  • Trolley rotation is by motor reduction gear with torque limiter.
  • Extractable rack.
  • Double safety thermostat in baking chamber and fumes extractor chimney.
  • Double glass door.
  • Oven with hook.
  • Electromechanical control panel with digital thermostat, timer with bell for cooking and timer for steam.



  • Computerized control panel.
  • Motor fan with inverter (for pastry production)
  • Oven with revolving platform application.

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