MacPan Dough Divider SMT

MacPan Dough Divider SMT


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Mac Pan Dough Divider

Our Commercial Dough Dividers are suitable for small and large bakeries, patisserie and pastry-shop use. Our Dough Divider also knows as Rounder Machines, Separated or Portioner are perfect for processing pastry, bread, and bakery produce at commercial, industrial and heavy duty operation. 


Technical Specifications



The body of the divider is made of iron casting.

Easy opening of the top of the machine for cleaning.

Presses in PE500 food grade polyethylene; inside surface of the cover in PE500 food grade polyethylene; plates in PETG food grade polyethylene.

Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and knife cleaning are carried out using levers.

The knives are all in stainless steel.

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