Tecnoinox Electric Combi Steamer Oven EFB10M (10X60/40cm) Electromechanical Control

Tecnoinox Electric Combi Steamer Oven EFB10M (10X60/40cm) Electromechanical Control


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Our range of Commercial Combination Ovens is suitable for restaurant kitchens, bakeries, confectionery, patisserie and pastry shops. The heavy duty professional Electric Combi Ovens also known as Combi Steamers or Combination Ovens are the baker's favourite equipment, and perfect for baking in the professional kitchen.

Electromechanical control: Manual selection | Temperature adjustable from 50 to 275 °C | Timer | Automatic reversal of

fan rotation | 8 humidity levels selectable | Internal lighting | Double glass door (the glass can

be opened separately) | Cooking chamber vent.

All the functions of a combi oven with direct steam, with the flexibility of a double housing for gastronomy trays GN1/1 and pastry trays 600×400.


Tecnoinox electromechanical combi ovens gain in flexibility: the models are supplied with a special grid-support structure, capable of accepting both Gastro Norm and standard 600×400 pastry trays, without the need for additional supports or structures.

TecnoDual returns excellent results for various pastry and gastronomy preparations: the automatic fan inverter guarantees a good ventilation into the cooking chamber with uniform cooking results on the products. The possibility of managing the humidity on 7 levels, also through the vent opening, allows the preparation of spoon-desserts which require the use of steam during the cooking process.

The special grid-support structure is designed for accepting both trays, without the need to insert different supports into the cooking chamber. In this way, an oven designed for gastronomy needs becomes an effective tool for the pastry.

TecnoDual is also an oven able to keep the set temperature stable without touching extreme heating peaks, regardless of the products put into the cooking chamber, with stunning final results for foods generally sensitive to temperature changes. The precision in the steam management, which is typical of the gastronomy ovens, guarantees a great final result for spoon-desserts like crème brulèe and crème caramel. In this case, there’s no need to use additional bain-marie tanks.

TecnoDual is also a valid tool for bakery: bread, brioche and focaccia rise and they keep the leavening process thanks to the humidity control and the vent, which can be opened for a quick steam evacuation.

Product Specification

Power16,5 kW
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage400 3N ~ V
Trays capacity10xGN1/1o10x(600x400 n°x
Runners10 n°
Distance between shelves7 cm
Timer0-120 min
Oven Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH)66x45x77 cm
Combi Mode Temperature60÷250 °C
Convection Mode Temperature50÷275 °C
Oven VersionGN/Pasticc.elettrom.
Width93 cm
Depth72,5 cm
Height94 cm
Packaging Width96,0 cm
Packaging Depth98,0 cm
Packaging Height120,0 cm
Net Weight100 kg
Gross Weight117 kg
Volume01,1300 m³

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