Criocabin Multideck Display Fridge Encore

Criocabin Multideck Display Fridge Encore


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  • Brand: Criocabin
  • Product Code: ENCORE
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Criocabin Encore Refrigerated Multideck Display 

Our range of commercial multideck displays and multi deck counters are designed for displaying refrigerated produce for bakeries, patisserie, fishmongers, delis, butchers, cake, ice cream, retails and more. The multi deck fridges and open chillers come in different sizes and styles perfect for keeping produce cold and ready to be served.

Must be limits to the load capacity in order not to obstruct visibility? Value it with the numbers: 2.6 m2 of refrigerated exhibition space for each 0.85 m2 of occupied floor space by a ratio greater than 3 to 1

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·       Customizable upper front stripe (except Encore Show). (p)

·       Night curtain-manual type (except Encore Show).

·       Vogue Edition lighting: LED 4000 °K. * (p) Pure Edition lighting: 1 fluorescent tube with Osram Warm White 830.

·       Electronic panel.

·       Shelf lighting: LED 4000 °K. * (p)

·       Shelves can be tilted (0°-9°-18°-27°). Vogue Edition: AISI 304 stainless steel. (p) Pure Edition: gray painted.

·       Evaporator with anti-corrosion painting.

·       Ventilated refrigeration.

·       R404a thermostatic refrigeration valve. (p)

·       Stainless steel bumper. *

·       Customizable lowered front panel (30 cm). (p)

·       Multiplexable.

·       Vogue Edition: AISI 304 stainless steel display surface. (p) Pure Edition: gray painted display deck.

·       AISI 304 stainless steel unit interior. (p)

·       Price holder.

·       Plexiglass product-holding profile.

ENCORE SHOW: Closure of the display surface with a glass door

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