Criocabin Multideck Display Fridge Ethos

Criocabin Multideck Display Fridge Ethos


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  • Brand: Criocabin
  • Product Code: ETHOS
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Criocabin Refrigerated Multideck Display Ethos

Our range of commercial multideck displays and multi deck counters are designed for displaying refrigerated produce for bakeries, patisserie, fishmongers, delis, butchers, cake, ice cream, retails and more. The multi deck fridges and open chillers come in different sizes and styles perfect for keeping produce cold and ready to be served.


Cabinet utterly in stainless steel. 1,7 m2 refrigerated display in only 0,7 m2 of ground space taken.

·       1,7 m2 refrigerated display in only 0,7 m2 of ground space taken.

·       Customizable height

·       AISI 304 stainless steel unit interior.

·       Tank without freezing components to allow maximum cleaning.

·       Customizable lowered front panel (47 cm)

·       Evaporator with anti-corrosion painting.

·       Energy-saving fans (optional).

·       Refrigeration unit (optional).

·       Dust profile all around the counter (optional).

·       Shelves can be tilted (0°-9°-18°-27°).

·       Plexiglass product-holding profile

·       LED lighting white 4000 °K. 

·       Customizable ends

·       14. Cabinet with unit: condensate collection tank with evaporation system of condensing water through the recovery of heat compressor and        electric resistance

·       Stainless still plinth.

·       Multiplexable.

·       Price holder.

·       Front blind with key.

·       Wheels (optional). 

·       Night curtain-manual type

·       Bumper (optional).

·       Hooking system for sausages.

·       Ventilated refrigeration.

Available versions for displaying: Deli Products, Dairy and Cheeses; Meat ; Fruit - Vegetables 

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