Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven With Rotating Base DR120 & DR140

Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven With Rotating Base DR120 & DR140


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Wood burning Pizza Oven series DR 

DR120 & DR140

The oven comes in 2 (sizes) to address everyone’s needs, with different volume/capacity based on 12”/30Cm Diameter Pizzas.





 Fire wood



9 pizzas

135 pizzas p/h

1950 Kg

5-6 Kg/h


13 pizzas

195 pizzas p/h

2100 Kg



  • This is a wood fired oven with two front doors & rotating base
  • The wood combustion chamber is separated from the baking surface
  • Drawer to collect ashes from the burning wood.
  • Rotating cooking base, giving a more uniformed performance, higher productivity & better working conditions.
  • The rotation speed can be gradually increased and the rotation can also be reversed.
  • Made of vibrated refraction material with high percent of two-aluminium-three-oxide (Al 2O3), 
  • The shape of the baking chamber guarantees an even baking at low wood consumption.
  • Insulation materials with low coefficient of heat conductivity
  • Thickness of insulation helps in achieving maximum economy.
  • All elements of the oven are placed in a case which allows its mobility.

The power supply for the rotating base is 230 Volt/50-60Hz


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